Natural Care Professional 0103515

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Description: Aims to get the excellent effect of disinfection, the UV sterilizer reaches superior characteristics as follows: environmental, electricity-saving and durable, base on the technology of transiting heat, automatic temperature control and conducting material, perfect for personal use or professional salon. Features: UV sterilizer for high efficiency cleaning effect, clean, disinfect and safe Large capacity drawer shape, convenient for storing nail tools Easy to operate with the only switch Flip-type design makes it easier to open and close the door Comes with a removable holder, convenient and practical Also suitable for cleaning the objects, such as hairdressing tools, towels, toothbrushes, underwears, kitchen equipment, etc. Using Methods: Make sure tools are dry before using the UV sterilizer Plug in the power, put nail tools in the holder and cover the door The UV sterilizer starts working while pressing the switch and stops working after pressing the switch again At last, empty the UV sterilizer and wipe it up Please note that tools in the picture are not included UV Wavelength: 253.7nm Sterilizing Time: 30 - 45 minutes Rated Voltage (V): 220 - 240, 50/60Hz Input Power: 8W Rated Current (A): 2.5 Item Type: Electric Manicure Drills / Accessories
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